For me, Pizza is a passion…

Renato Viola is one of Italy’s best Master Pizza Chefs in the world. In addition to this he is a proud member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team whom in fact have won various awards in pizza making competitions in Italy and all across Europe; such as Monte Carlo, Paris, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Rome, Naples, Stuttgart, Dublin, Edinburgh and Milan.

We are all somewhat familiar with the Authentic Italian Pizza however with his highly acclaimed talents he modernizes this classic combining both traditional pizza making methods with new broad flavors. Renato also specializes in Classic Pizza, Pizza in Pala (Meter-long pizza), Pizza in Teglia (Pizza in rectangular tray) and Pane Pizza (Pizza Bread), however the list goes on.  His vast knowledge of pizza ovens is impeccable from the authentic wood fire to the all electric oven.

Renato is a trained Pizza Instructor and has taught thousands, he has trained several pizza chefs and have provided many advices to other pizzerias as they approach their grand openings.

Our World Renowned Chef Renato Viola now resides in Miami Beach and has opened a unique modernized authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of South Beach.

We  welcome all to our home and hope that as you walk in you feel right at home as well; Our home is your home. Renato is on a mission to serve only the very best to all guests using only the best quality ingredients and second to none our 72 hour dough natural levitation.

Now you know more of us and the Award Winning Chef Renato Viola so please come join him and his team for a savoring experience.


The pizza Louis XIII is currently the most expensive in the world.

Designed by Renato Viola for a select few.


Small pizza with a diameter of 20 cm for two people.
It is served at home.
The catering team is formed by a pizza chef ( Renato Viola ) , a sommelier and a chef.
The entire preparation is carried out on the site, with the exception of the dough that occurs 72 hours before.
The service of dishes and cutlery is exclusive limited edition .

DIRECT MIX LONG PROVING (72 hrs ) highly digestible:



The salt Australian Murray River Pink apricot, is collected in the Murray and only the most beautiful bows are sold in the world. Irreplaceable for its flavor , salt is the most often used by chefs kitchen.




Caviar Oscietra Royal Prestige

The Oscietra Royal Prestige, is a particular selection of caviar Oscietra . The eggs are of large size and the taste is very sweet with a faint nutty aroma

Caviar Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic

The sturgeon from which it is derived , lives near the Iranian coast and south of the Caspian . Up to 2 meters long , can weigh up to 200 kg . On average, measures 1.2 m. and weighs between 20 and 80 kg . The color of the eggs is on the dark brown . The eggs can measure up to almost 2 mm . in diameter. The refined taste , a taste refined and a vague nutty aroma that gives it a unique scent .

Beluga Caviar Kaspia

Beluga lives in the Caspian Sea – Danube sturgeon and is more rare , because you can not pescarne more than 100 copies a year . It can reach a length of 4 meters or more and a weight of more than 1000kg . Normally they are fished specimens weighing 40 to 300 kg . which produce about 15% of caviar. The color of the eggs range from a pearl gray to a dark gray . The size of its beans and the delicacy of the skin , make it unique and visually very different from other caviars . The eggs can measure up to 2.5 / 3 mm . in diameter. It tastes great , soft, creamy and firm .




Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII .

The highest quality Cognac on the market today . Undoubtedly the best in the world . The Queen Elizabeth II was served Louis XIII Grande Champagne in the palace of Versailles , in honor of his visit to France in 1957. Winston Churchill celebrated his election victory in 1951 with this Cognac. Not least, the Louis XIII was consecrated by Tom Cruise in the recent film productions .

To produce this prestigious cognac are used only grapes from the Grande Champagne region , synonymous with quality unique and exclusive . It contains numerous blends of eaux- de-vie aged between 40 and 100 years of age.

A Must have for collectors.


It ‘ a champagne extremely elegant , well balanced . It has a golden yellow color , a bouquet enhanced by notes of Chardonnay , typical of Krug . Complex , rich, structured with notes of fruit , citrus fruit . Excellent with desserts but goes well refined fish dishes and sauces .

Cardenal Mendoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos

Cardenal Mendoza Real Paper was created with the intention to satisfy consumers more ‘ discerning of Brandy . A second millennium deserves an exclusive thing . In 1981 , but her eyes were already ‘ places in the new century, Sanchez Romate H.nos start ‘ a reserve of Cardenal Mendoza. This was maintained for 18 long years , cured only by its ability ‘to aging and cradled by time. The years have shaped a Brandy special and unique. A presentation and sober and elegant as ‘ the Cardenal Mendoza “Carta Real” . In a exclusive bottle , numbered and screen-printed with label retouched by hand and presented in a pack of metal in golden tones

ORGANIC DOP buffalo mozzarella

The total cost is € 8,300.00 in Italy

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